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Spoinq is 100% Dutch. Their furniture is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. That way they can guarantee quality, but they are flexible. Flexible in the choice of fabrics, materials and designers. This provides a collection within which you can mix and match yourself. Chair Spoinq (Piramide and Square) can be put together with wooden legs or sturdy steel and/or powder-coated legs, but also with armrests and a variety of fabrics. And, to make it even more playful, our couch Runa for example can be combined from 3 fabrics! Spoinq gives you the tools to create your own playfull design and create a real eyecatcher! They are not exagerating when they say that Spoinq can be found all over the world; in restaurants, hotels, university’s and of course at home. Made for you to enjoy!

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