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GHYCZY is a family heirloom, founded in 1971 by acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy whose prolific career has pioneered techniques of furniture making that have influenced the design industry for 45 years. His son Felix Ghyczy joined the practice in 2001 and today the father and son duo continue to build on the GHYCZY heritage from their family atelier nestled in the flatlands of Swalmen, the Netherlands. Today, GHYCZY, still remains a luxury brand for design lovers. Timeless design, meticulously sourced materials and handmade by a select group of bespoke artisans. Resulting in a collection of furniture that is a culmination of technical mastery, conventional luxury and to be enjoyed comfortably. Over the past 50 years the GHYCZY collection has grown organically from Peter Ghyczy’s relentless creativity and innovative spirit. His designs are constantly evolving, but the entire collection is united by the trademarked casting and clamping techniques of solid material that he personally developed. These groundbreaking methods not only paved the way for new modernist design expressions, it also allowed for minimal use of material. Inspired by his travels and migration, the distinct GHYCZY aesthetic captures Peter Ghyczy’ unique cultural heritage and his eclectic, elegant eye.

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