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Gazzda wants to create ‘an awesome sense of home’. But what does that look like? Isn’t that entirely subjective? It can be. But their vision is to create ‘awesome’ in the eyes of people who like to have energy and air flowing freely through their living spaces. Like they do. For them, awesome has three key features. Lightness preserves transparency, which enables light, energy and air to flow freely around you. So despite their passion for heavy, natural materials (like solid oak), they make sure our products always look and feel light… through minimalistic designs and the efficient use of materials. Every Gazzda product begs to be touched. And whether you’re caressing it with your eyes or your hands, the first word you’ll think of is ‘smooth’. They take great care to finely shape and polish every curve, angle and surface. They perfect each one by hand, so that every piece is as pleasing to touch, as it is to see. As a bonus, those smooth edges are very child-friendly. They use materials of Mother Nature’s creation, such as oak, wool and cotton, to bring a touch of nature into your living space. That is because like no other, they create an instinctive sense of home. They contribute to a sense of wellbeing. Which they think, is exactly what us modern sapiens need today.

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