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WHO is frauMaier Born in a small village, frauMaier has made her way to the top as probably the most famous and remarkable designing dog of all times. Within 10 years she installed her product range in more than 300 shops in over two dozen countries all over the world and she is still expanding. WHERE does she work frauMaier´s homebase lies in Esslingen a. N. in the South of Germany, from where the products are distributed. Her suppliers are from all over Europe, such as Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland. The production within Europe is the keystone to her succesful and premium class production. WHAT is her aim frauMaier´s idea of the future in furniture business is one of diversity. She sources independent companies who are able to manufacture smaller quantities at reasonable prices to keep the product prices down. She is a strong believer that these flexible companies with modern computerised production systems will build the future. This is how she can achieve her main goal: to produce absolutely fantastic design for reasonable prices in small editions. Be a part of this vision and participate in the world of frauMaier by living with her most outstanding, colourful and lovable designs and celebrate our 10th anniversary with us!

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