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A leading manufacturer of value engineered commercial lighting products that serve commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Founded in 2001 as a Domestic OEM manufacturer, Energetic made the decision to shift most of its OEM business to its parent factory and serve the North American market as a brand in 2015. Energetic is a value engineered brand that is dedicated to delivering quality products at value engineered pricing. Energetic’s goal is to be the best value at the best price. Energetic customers value the performance of its products across all applications. It is said that people do not buy products, they buy the results of the products. Value is the difference between the price point and the benefits Energetic customers will receive. The perceived benefit becomes more important than the price that research suggests. Because of the Energetic factory’s machinery and expertise, it can deliver products that have a higher perception of value due to their higher perceived benefit. Energetic has distribution and service centers throughout the United States and the world to support each market needs. Energetic is backed by its parent who is a global leader in the lighting industry with manufacturing facilities located in China.

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