In 3 powerful steps

to a pragmatic interior design

1. Strategic interior advice

To elevate your interior design to an extraordinary level, thoughtful preparation is crucial.

  • Exclusive point of contact

    Your project deserves not only our full attention but exclusivity as well. That's why you with a dedicated team of project experts who manage everything, regardless of the complexity of your vision.

  • Value Engineering

    Getting the most out of your project means not only striving for excellence but also smartly managing costs. That's why we critically analyze and select clever alternatives without compromising on quality and functionality. Sustainability, circularity, and well-being are always integral parts of our interior advice.

  • Free trial placement

    Customization goes beyond personalization; it's a strategic choice where interior advice aligns perfectly with the most crucial needs. This results in efficient cost optimization and optimal user-friendliness. A win-win.

  • Effective customization

    Maatwerk gaat verder dan personalisatie; het is een strategische keuze waarbij het interieur advies perfect aansluit op de meest cruciale behoeften en de ruimte. Dit resulteert direct in een efficiënte kostenoptimalisatie door optimaal gebruikersgemak. Win-win dus.

  • Financial partnership

    At BigBrands, we act as a true partner, even financially. We not only think about interior advice and project content but also about financial feasibility, with transparency and honesty as our core values.

2. Impressive project execution

When all stakeholders are excited about the interior design, it’s time for action. From a strategic action plan to seamless, global delivery – just in time, every time and everywhere.

  • Risk analysis and reporting

    Heading off to a good start is essential. Therefore, we identify potential risks beforehand to prevent surprises and unexpected turns along the way.

  • Detailed implementation (planning)

    We take care of the business side of the creative process through a detailed plan, clarifying all the decision points. This way, you know exactly which actions are required at each moment in the process.

  • Deadline guarantee

    Certainty is essential. That's why we provide you with a deadline guarantee, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that everything is going according to plan. Even if it requires overcoming obstacles.

  • Efficient delivery, assembly… and use!

    By knowing our suppliers by name, optimizing procurement processes, mapping out all challenges (and solutions), and working with a VGA-certified assembly team, the in-house process flows effortlessly.

  • Flexible delivery and storage options

    Sometimes a project requires some last-minute adjustments. If you want to make a change to the interior design and/or order, we're here to help. Need storage for furniture that can't be placed yet, even after (staged) delivery? The first two weeks of storage are free.

3. Indescribable enjoyment

Our final step focuses on a user experience that is not only complete but also exceeds all expectations, now and in the future.

  • Perfect finishing

    Within 2 weeks after completion, you'll receive the digital completion documents with maintenance instructions and warranty statements, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

  • QR code identification

    User-friendliness doesn't end after delivery. Each product is equipped with a QR code that provides information about the delivery date and maintenance, but also allows direct contact with one of our project experts.

  • Sustainable responsibility

    Sustainability is not a choice; it's our responsibility. We deliver just-in-time, minimize packaging material, reuse 90% of it, choose blankets to reduce waste, and select furniture with certifications such as a Greenguard Gold certification. And this is just the beginning!

Cable management

Refurbished & cleaning

Project management

Logistics & transport

Co2 Compensation

Maintenance & repair


Furniture management


We support interior architects with advice on choices, budget control, style maintenance and the pursuit of ambitious goals. As a knowledge partner, we connect architects to new design opportunities and safeguard their vision.

Design & Build

For Design & Build companies, BigBrands acts as a sounding board, multi-supplier and knowledge expert. We offer independent advice on project supervision, monitoring quality and critically mediating between clients and contractors.

End users

As your first point of contact, we offer a fully integrated approach, deploying our expertise from the start. We connect parties, coordinate the entire process and deliver a turnkey project.

Real estate

With our years of experience, we advise on developing commercial and sustainable interior solutions. We are your knowledge partner for value creation and upscaling, acting as an extension.

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