Moxy Montevrain


Architect: Apto
Location: Parijs
Delivery: 2023

In BigBrands’ portfolio, Moxy Montevrain, located near the fairytale Eurodisney in Paris, occupies a special place. Our design experts have transformed the essence of the Moxy brand identity, known from more than 50 hotels, into a unique, enchanting experience. This project illustrates how BigBrands transforms traditional hotel design into a modern fairy tale, full of vibrant colours and playful elements.


Each space in Moxy Montevrain is an adventure in itself, designed to capture the imagination of adults. The interiors reflect our expertise in creating dynamic, multifunctional zones that invite both relaxation and discovery. From the enchanted forest theme to the carefully chosen details, BigBrands has ensured a seamless integration of comfort and aesthetics.

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