Architect: MARS Interieurarchitecten
Location: Rotterdam
Surface: 500
Delivery: 2023

represents the iconic Dokhuis, a story of transformation and rediscovery. For many Rotterdammers, this landmark building is known as ‘the Berenei’, a former pop venue where people partied to the full at the end of the last century. However, its origins lie in serving as an executive and company residence for the dry docks of Bonn and Mees.

Years of vacancy and neglect marked the property, until the NIVOZ foundation recognised its hidden charm and approached us for an ambitious restoration and redevelopment. The result: Dokhuis, a breeding ground for collaboration, meeting, reflection and dialogue.

Our interior design in Dokhuis is an ode to interaction and contemplation, with each floor playing its unique role within the building. The most striking element is the ‘lifted’ auditorium with an impressive grandstand staircase, extending over two floors.

The building’s rich history is subtly woven into the design. The striking red/pink colour palette is a nod to the original stained glass by Bonn and Mees. Artful illustrations, historical and contemporary photographs, posters and objects melt together to form a harmonious blend of the old and the new, underlining the unique identity of the Dock House.

At BigBrands, we believe that every building has a story to tell. Dokhuis is a shining example of this, with its past and future coming together in a symphony of design and functionality.

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