Meet Yvon, Internal Sales at BigBrands

The team at BigBrands is lucky to keep expanding with design enthusiasts. This time, we meet Yvon, internal sales associate at BigBrands. Who is Yvon, what experience does she bring and what energises her? Read along!

When Does Internal Sales Come into the Picture?

Internal Sales enters the scene as soon as our field account managers secure an assignment. I make it a priority to join the discussion promptly. In meetings with clients, we delve into all possible avenues. The scope and nature of tasks can range from proposing budget-conscious alternatives to engaging in the design process and delighting clients with exquisite furniture selections. We secure competitive prices from suppliers, thoughtfully select materials with sustainability in mind, and showcase samples. Our goal is to create a proposal that earns unanimous approval, marking the achievement of my objective.

Key Considerations in the Process

Several factors influence our decision-making. We assess if a furniture piece harmonizes with the intended space and setting. Usage, durability, and the purpose of the item are critical considerations. How frequently will it be used? Will it be exposed to sunlight? What is the expected delivery timeframe? For urgent projects, we prioritize suppliers known for quick delivery. Budget constraints also guide our choices, as not all brands are feasible for every project. By weighing options in advance, we aim to present a proposal that is both fitting and creatively exceptional.

Involvement Duration in the Project

My official involvement extends until the completion of the purchasing process. Following client approval of the proposal, we proceed with procuring the items. We reach out to suppliers and, upon establishing a plan, I pass the baton to a project manager. Nevertheless, my engagement often continues informally due to personal interest. I’m keen to follow the project’s progression, witness the final outcome, and ensure everything aligns with the planned schedule.

The Joy of This Role

My journey with BigBrands began as an intern during my studies at the Wood and Furniture College in Rotterdam, an experience that resonated deeply with me. After my internship, I continued my career there for a substantial period. Seeking to ignite my creative flair, I briefly explored opportunities elsewhere. This exploration led me to a realization: the synergy of creativity and sales found in this role is where I truly belong. This position offers tremendous freedom in terms of responsibilities, allows for cultivating deep relationships with a personal client base, and ensures every day is diverse and engaging. Additionally, I found myself missing the unique atmosphere of BigBrands and Rotterdam. I’ve since returned this January, feeling more fulfilled than ever in my role.

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