Meet Dennis, our Head of Operations & Finance!

Since April 1, 2022, Dennis has been a pivotal member of the BigBrands team, serving as our Head of Operations & Finance. With an ethos of never settling for less than perfect and constantly challenging himself, Dennis exemplifies a drive for maximizing life’s potential. But who is Dennis, and what exactly does he do at BigBrands?

Head of Operations & Finance: What’s Your Role?

At BigBrands, I oversee both operational and financial aspects. With the company experiencing significant growth in recent years, my role involves ensuring that internal processes and operations can support and facilitate this expansion. Building a solid foundation for the future is key. My focus lies on process improvement, instilling a sense of calm within the organization, leading internal management, and adapting our systems to meet evolving needs.

What Did You Do Before Joining BigBrands?

I started my career as a chartered accountant and spent eight years at PwC as an external auditor. Subsequently, I transitioned to the corporate world, spending fourteen years with a major American corporate entity. There, I evolved from a finance role into business operations, taking on positions such as General Manager and Managing Director. A few years ago, I sought a change and embarked on freelance projects in interior design and styling, driven by my longstanding passion for interiors, styling, and decor. While independent work was rewarding, I found greater fulfillment in collaborating with a team to achieve common goals and advance an organization. This led to my introduction to Herjan and, following several positive discussions, my decision to join BigBrands.

What Type of Person Are You in the Workplace?

I’d describe myself as embodying the spirit of a true Rotterdamer at work. Although not originally from Rotterdam, the city’s characteristic directness and clarity resonate with me. Open and respectful communication is crucial. Disagreements are welcome since they often lead to better outcomes. Through clear communication and trust in my colleagues, we strive for and achieve desired results. While working alone might be faster, teamwork takes us further and is infinitely more enjoyable.

What Energizes You?

The energy and pride within the BigBrands team are truly infectious. The team’s drive and spirit not only inspire me but also fuel my own enthusiasm. The industry and BigBrands’ products, with their stunning design furniture and interiors, are another source of excitement. We work hard but also take time to celebrate our achievements. Additionally, the diverse nature of my role ensures that no two days are the same, providing a constant stream of challenges and variety that keeps me energized and optimistic about the future.

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