EXPLAINED: The Internal Sales Process

At BigBrands, we guide interior projects from conception to completion, navigating through various phases. The journey begins with an account manager and culminates with a project manager, with the crucial internal sales process in between. Tess from Internal Sales at BigBrands shares her insights on the nuances of her role and the intricacies involved. Let's dive in!

When Does Internal Sales Step In?

I join the process as soon as our field account managers secure a project. In client meetings, we explore all possibilities, tailoring our approach to each unique scenario. Our tasks range from proposing budget-conscious alternatives to actively participating in the design process, aiming to delight clients with exquisite furniture choices. We negotiate the best prices from suppliers, thoughtfully consider materials and sustainability, and showcase samples. The goal is to develop a proposal that leaves everyone smiling, signaling the success of my role.

What Considerations Are Key?

Several factors influence our decisions. We assess if furniture suits the space and setting, considering its use, lifespan, and intended purpose. Questions like the frequency of use, exposure to sunlight, and expected delivery times are crucial. Tight deadlines prompt us to focus on suppliers with quick turnaround times. Budget constraints guide our choices, as not all brands are always viable options. We weigh all options to craft a suitable yet innovative proposal.

How Long Do You Stay Involved in the Project?

Officially, my involvement extends until after the purchase. Once a client approves a quotation, we proceed with purchasing the items. After liaising with suppliers and finalizing plans, I hand over the reins to a project manager. However, I maintain a background involvement out of personal interest, keeping tabs on the project’s progress, the final outcome, and adherence to the schedule.

What Makes This Role Enjoyable?

My journey at BigBrands began as an intern while studying Interior Advice at the Wood and Furniture College in Rotterdam. The experience resonated with me, leading to a longer tenure post-internship. Although I ventured elsewhere to ignite my creative spark, I realized that a blend of creativity and sales activities, as found in this role, suits me best. The freedom in job responsibilities, building close customer relationships with my client base, and the variety each day brings are aspects I cherish. Additionally, I missed the atmosphere of BigBrands and Rotterdam. Since returning in January, I’ve found immense joy in being back in my element. ????

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