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"Michel Charlot is a Swiss industrial designer born in lausanne (1984). After graduating from the Ecole Cantonale d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in 2009, he worked for Jasper Morrison ltd. In 2011, he set up his own practice, and started developing products for companies such as NAVA Design, L&Z, Belux and Vitra. He aims at creating cost driven intuitive products in a constant quest for efficiency in conception, production and design. Since january 2013 he teaches industrial design at École Cantonal d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in Switzerland and at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. In 2013 U-turn, first product designed with Belux, was awarded with the “Design Preis Schweiz” and "Swiss Federal Design award" which are the most prestigious swiss design award given to industrial products."

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