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"I grew up in Sugar Grove, a small town outside of Chicago, where I spent most of his days running around outside and playing games, building many fortresses of Lego, destroying evil as an oversized turtle, and collecting gold coins as the 8-bit plumber wearing overalls. Then one day, my sister handed me a pencil and paper and began to teach me how to draw and I began creating my own fortresses and super heroes on the paper right in front of me. Fast forward 20 years, where I now uses my creative energy to create stunning designs with intelligent solutions behind each concept. Now I'm wearing glasses to show I am a little wiser and that time has past. I carry a B.F.A. with a focus on Industrial Design and am now living and working in Chicago as designer across multiple fields. In my free time you can find me listening to whatever music I can get his hands on, playing various instruments ALL AT ONCE, running with my dog Watson The Dog, or simply relaxing outside one of Wick Park's finest patios (unless it's winter then I'm inside for 6 more months). If you've made it this far, you should probably take a look at I work and possible scroll to the bottom to send me a message."

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